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March 2014: A Briefcase Study on Adam Cufr

In Briefcase Study, March 2014 by Adam Cufr

Each issue of the Steward includes a brief case study. Usually, Adam discusses the different strategies he uses to solve problems and create opportunities for Fourth Dimension families (including many of you). Sometimes, the study can become quite complex, so I thought I would give you a break. Instead of focusing on a financial planning topic, I want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our talented, brave, and wise leader, Adam Cufr.

Many of you know Adam recently wrote a book (if you don’t yet have a copy, you can order by calling our office or by looking up “OFF THE RECORD” at Since many of you have already read it, I’m going to try and not duplicate any intricate details about Adam’s background, personal or family life. However, I do have the distinct pleasure of spending 40-50 hours per week with Mr. Cufr, so I’m in a unique position to share what makes Adam tick.

I could write about Adam’s spontaneous nosebleed while driving on I-75 through the heart of Detroit, or that a secret pleasure of his is the racing video game Forza, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass him. Rather, I want to provide you with three little-known and interesting facts about the man we know and respect.

Here goes:

  1. When visiting a restaurant, 99% of the time Adam will order the same menu item. Whether it’s the Mac & Cheese at Panera, the Slim 5 at Jimmy John’s, or the Chicken Fried Rice at Tea Tree Asian Bistro, Adam is incredibly consistent with his eating habits. Basically what I am getting at is that once he finds something he enjoys, he sticks to it. I believe this trait is extremely admirable. Where this comes into play for you is that Adam has clearly found working with those who are nearing or in retirement to be very enjoyable, so I can say with confidence that he will remain dedicated to you as you seek transition from paid work to financial independence.
  2. In between client meetings, Adam will frequently remove his shoes. You would think he does this to relax, and that may be a side benefit, but the truth is that Adam is an avid runner and struggles with painful plantar fasciitis. Adam read an article that questioned the traditional treatment of plantar fasciitis and it suggested that the support from shoes could impede recovery. While the article offers a unique approach, I admire someone that keeps an open mind and will consider all options to a solution. I have seen this same trait come out when Adam is working through a financial plan: he constantly considers all angles and options that will benefit the client.
  3. Adam subscribes to many industry and personal development materials, but believe it or not, he also subscribes to Interior Design magazine. While we all can respect a man that appreciates a well-decorated room, it is especially of note that Adam obsesses over the details to make sure all the pieces fit and function together. On a practical level, Adam makes sure that each and every retirement plan he creates plays in perfect harmony with a family’s lifestyle and long-term goals.

There you go! Hopefully you learned something about Adam on a personal level, but also deepened your understanding of his interest and passion for implementing sound financial strategies for the Fourth Dimension Financial Group family.

Best regards,
– Dave