March 2014: Welcome Letter

In March 2014, Welcome Messages from Adam Cufr by Adam Cufr

Welcome to The Will & Dave Special March Edition of The Ultimate Guide For the Successful Steward, Fourth Dimension Financial Group’s newsletter.

Retirement Planning for the Rest of Us

If you have the sneaking suspicion that something just isn’t quite the same about this edition of The Steward, you’re correct. Something is different indeed.

You might have expected that here on this regular ol’ 15th edition of the Steward, here after the big book launch event has settled down, we would just return to business as usual. If Adam had his way, that would be exactly what you’d get. You know, “business as usual,” meaning that Adam would spend several hours staying late at work this week, and then perhaps even several more hours over the weekend (when he should be spending that time with his 5 wonderful daughters) to provide you with thought-provoking, mind-gripping and for some, even life-changing articles to help you better navigate your retirement.

Not today folks! This issue is special in a unique sort of way… Will and Dave (these two ‘good looking’ guys over here) collaborated to bring you a whole new twist on the Steward.

Of course, you’re still going to get some thought-provoking insight (we wouldn’t dare deprive you of that), but throughout this edition you’re going to get it from an entirely different perspective.

What’s the point, you ask? Why go through all the trouble? We’ll tell you why: We’re shaking-up this edition because we want to give Adam a break. We feel like in his brilliant, professional, no pressure “give-give-give” mentality, he is prone to fail in two key areas:

  1. He keeps on giving without asking for anything in return. (You don’t see it from our perspective, but let us just tell you that you can’t even imagine how much he puts into this newsletter, his book, those quarterly events, regular emails to keep you in the loop, not to mention the countless meetings he has with clients each and every month).
  2. Because Adam sees all of the nuances of various retirement planning strategies, he admits that it’s a challenge to always keep things short and simple. This edition is a different and fun approach, and you’ll notice we’re mirroring the same kinds of articles that Adam might write himself, but we’re going to put them in “layman’s terms.”

Since we’ve got the reins, we’ve decided to call this edition of The Steward, Retirement Planning For the Rest of Us.

In this issue we’re going to take on a few special tasks, first of all by sharing a really cool opportunity that could possibly save you thousands upon thousands in your retirement (see the Social Security Analyzer opportunity). You’ll find Dave’s unique Briefcase Study, Will’s “Back to the VERY VERY Basics” article, and a few choice insights to help you peer into the life of the man we have all grown to respect so much … (drumroll please) … ADAM CUFR!

With that, we’ll get into it! Thank you for bearing with us, and allowing Adam to take just this one month off of writing The Steward.

Will Dave
p.s. Don’t worry, while Adam does write 95% of the content in The Steward, both of us each spend time editing it every month, so we’re familiar with the basics.
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