Off the Record Evening Sessions: Recap

In May 2014, Steward Articles by Adam Cufr

Now that you know, what should you do next?

After hosting 6 sessions over the course of 12 weeks, it is tempting to simply move on and begin to look at what’s next. Before we do that, please consider the following questions to ensure that your planning in on-track.

record SESSION 1: Social Security Claiming Strategies

  • If you have not yet claimed Social Security benefits, are you confident that you know when you’ll claim and how you’ll claim your benefits?
  • If you have already claimed and are receiving your Social Security benefits, is there someone close to you who is approaching their claiming decision date? Could they use some help making the right decision?

record SESSION 2: Three Income Planning Strategies

  • Are you confident that you have the correct income plan in-place to provide a lifetime of security thanks to a lifetime of income?


record SESSION 3: Annuities in Retirement Planning

  • If you own annuities, do you really know how the guarantees and benefits work?
  • Would you benefit from a deeper understanding of annuities, an often-confusing product that is actually designed for retirees?


record SESSION 4: Wills and Trusts

  • Are you confident that your will or trust will provide your loved ones the protection they deserve and the peace of mind you desire?


record SESSION 5: Long Term Care Funding Options

  • How will you pay for an extended care need at your home or in a nursing home?
  • Do you have a solid grasp on the options available to you through investment strategies, insurance products, and legal planning?


record SESSION 6: Inflation-Fighting Strategies

  • What happens to your retirement plan when the cost of the items most important to maintaining your lifestyle and dignity grow rapidly over time? Will your assets last?


If you lack confidence in your answers to any of these questions, please contact us now. The Evening Sessions may be over but the answers are still available. Don’t wait to get the peace of mind you deserve. Also, consider sending these questions to friends and family. Sleep-filled nights are a currency that’s transferrable.