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Planning First, Implementation Second

A hammer always in search of a nail.

If you look closely at the “solutions” most financial firms offer their clients, it’s generally either all investments or all insurance. While one or another may not always be the wrong fit, doesn’t it make sense for your advisor – the person who will help manage your life savings – to have access to as many tools as possible?

Unfortunately, the financial services industry is built upon a broken foundation. Large companies who manufacture or broker particular financial products employ a sales force of advisors to sell those products. As a result, many advisors are promoting ideas that are inherently biased, pushing products they’re incentivized to sell you. The result is often a discussion of the tools with little emphasis placed on first building a financial plan to address your true needs.

At Fourth Dimension Financial Group, we begin with planning first, implementation second. Moreover, our independence as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) means we have hundreds of financial solutions from which to choose, rather than those manufactured from a parent company. The result of this arrangement is a breath of fresh air for the clients we serve.

Agility, Clarity, Education: ACE

Most families we serve chose us because we offer something they’ve never experienced before. An education-based, research rich planning process leads people to understand the reasoning behind the recommendations we make. This understanding leads to a level of clarity that causes many of our clients to remark, “I never saw it this way before.”

Because they have a much deeper understanding of the process and the financial tools available to them, they’re able to achieve a form of agility in their retirement planning. When circumstances change in the future – and they will – we’re better able to adjust the plan to address new challenges.

We call this ACE. You’ll call it refreshing.

What you avoid may be worth more than what you earn

Avoiding a costly decision or unnecessary taxes can make a meaningful impact. A great advisor will help you anticipate the pitfalls of poor retirement choices – before making regrettable decisions. Do you think a newly-retired couple in 2008 would have liked to turn back the clock to avoid watching their life savings being depleted at an alarming rate?

What’s most amazing is the fact that so many of these pitfalls are completely avoidable, yet so few advisors choose to equip their clients with what they need to prevent the catastrophic effects of a market crash or a lengthy long term care stay during their retirement. Somehow chained to an antiquated philosophy, advisors continue to lead clients into harms way without the most basic plans and tools to protect themselves.

The unfortunate outcomes can impact generations.

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Before you embark on a lengthy retirement, wouldn’t you like to understand the myths and misconceptions that can wreak havoc on an unprepared retiree? I think you would, we can help.

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