February 2015 Welcome Letter

In February 2015, Welcome Messages from Adam Cufr by Adam Cufr

Welcome to the February Edition of The Ultimate Guide For the Successful Steward, Fourth Dimension Financial Group’s newsletter.

Can you feel it? It’s either wishful thinking or a weather-predicting throbbing of a worsening knee injury. I think spring is right around the corner, don’t you? Haven’t we endured enough winter already?

While having a second home in Florida isn’t for everyone, we have a number of clients who are so fortunate to be in the sunshine state, and when I talk with them I can’t help but notice that they just have a bit more upbeat attitude than the rest of us. Though I do have to admit I occasionally get a bit envious, I guess it’s not all bad for us winter-enduring Ohioans. Not only will we appreciate those first warm days of spring much more having endured another Ohio winter, but being stuck inside allows us to spend a little extra time thinking, writing and preparing.

I’ve had the privilege of spending most of my “Stuck Inside Days” with some pretty smart people: Most notably, Richard Chamberlain and Dave Bensch who each took some time to write a piece in this edition of The Steward. Behind the scenes, I also spent some time with Will Wegert who does masterful editing, and to top it off, I’ve once again had the privilege of working with Haley Wilkins, who turns ink into art with her beautiful design work. It’s quite a team, and one that makes this newsletter fun to put together.

Enough about us, let’s get back to you. While we have met with dozens of you over the past two months for progress reviews, there are always planning opportunities and adjustments to be made. As you read though this edition, please consider how we might help you further build your confidence in your retirement planning. Specifically, check out Richard’s article on IRA Trusts, a topic we’re sure you’ll find helpful. Phil brings you the Briefcase Study and shares a really great summary of the flexibility of the Roth IRA, specifically for college planning purposes. Dave offers up some personal insight that may hit home for many of you reading this. Finally, I share my thoughts on the thinking behind diversification, in Back to the Basics.

As we grow in number of families we serve, some things just never change. Our commitment is on you, offering our best thinking, and remaining relentless in our efforts to improve our service to you and our ability to connect with those people who are yet to partner with us in building their retirement plan.

Without you, we don’t grow. Without growing, we fail to serve others. Without serving others, we fall short of our mission, which is to help people seeking financial retirement achieve enough, live fully, and help others do the same. See? Nothing great happens here without you, the Stewards of your family and your community. Thank you for the role that you play and for the trust you have placed in us. Together, I truly believe that we’re building some unique and special.

To your success,

Adam Cufr Signature

Adam Cufr, RICP®

P.S. Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends who may be served by a planning relationship. The digital Steward is designed for just that purpose. Forward the email, or send them a link to the Steward on our website, under the “Resources” tab. You may be helping them in ways you cannot fathom.