Featured image for “Unlocking the Mystery of Income Taxes”

Unlocking the Mystery of Income Taxes

There’s so much information in the headlines and financial media about taxes. Whether it’s what deductions you may be missing…

Adam Cufr

Featured image for “Social Security Strategy: Do You Have One?”

Social Security Strategy: Do You Have One?

Who doesn’t love the concept of an all-inclusive vacation? We decide where we want to go, choose our excursions, and…

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Featured image for “Pension Decision: Just One Critical Piece of Information Is Needed to Decide”

Pension Decision: Just One Critical Piece of Information Is Needed to Decide

Have you or will you be asked to choose between a pension lump sum or income payments when you retire?…

Adam Cufr

Featured image for “Retirement Blueprint: Building Your Fiscal House on Solid Ground”

Retirement Blueprint: Building Your Fiscal House on Solid Ground

If you drive by a home that’s still under construction, there’s a certain energy that it exudes. A new house…

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Featured image for “Investing For Retirement So You Can Remain In Retirement”

Investing For Retirement So You Can Remain In Retirement

As hard as many investors try to time the stock market, it’s been shown to be almost impossible to do…

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Featured image for “A World of Extremes”

A World of Extremes

I’m well rested and exhausted, comfortable and at great risk, fed up and hopeful. Which is it, you ask? All…

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Featured image for “A Biden Presidency”

A Biden Presidency

I hope you’re healthy and at least reasonably happy as we navigate the strangest year in most of our lives.…

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Featured image for “The Election and Markets”

The Election and Markets

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a presidential election! The drama, the excitement, the intrigue…it’s a shame we…

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Featured image for “Drinking From The Pond”

Drinking From The Pond

With a pandemic altering so much of our daily lives, a presidential election looming, and no new episodes of our…

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Featured image for “Sport-Tuned Suspension”

Sport-Tuned Suspension

When I was a much younger guy, I enjoyed competitive driving. I modified a car for use in the Sports…

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Featured image for “The Harp Player”

The Harp Player

I’m not much of an orchestra guy. I say that to preempt any thoughts you may develop that I’m a…

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Featured image for “Back To Normal. Right?”

Back To Normal. Right?

Have you ever known a couple who breaks up after a long relationship, then reconciles again? It’s a huge sigh…

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