‘Fiduciary Rule’ Update

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If you’ll recall, I shared with you a few months ago a pending shift in our industry that you may have been hearing about. It’s called the ‘Fiduciary Rule’ for financial advisors and it’s making a huge impact on our industry. While much of the industry has been hopeful that it would simply go away, parts of the new rule go into effect today, June 9th.

A May 23rd Forbes article says it this way:

“As of June 9, advisers to retirement investors are fiduciaries and must comply with ‘”Impartial conduct standards.” That means they must give advice that’s in the best interest of the retirement investor, charge no more than reasonable compensation, and make no misleading statements.”

Back on February 10th, I wrote an article that shared Fourth Dimension’s position as fiduciaries since 2010, a full seven years before its becoming a requirement by the Department Of Labor to put our clients’ best interests ahead of our own (read the article by clicking here).

So while this day marks a meaningful and positive step for our industry as a whole, we see it as another Friday, a day to treat you as we’d like to be treated: with your objectives in mind, at a fee level that’s very fair and reasonable, with consistent and transparent communication. Thanks for engaging with us in this relationship, and we look forward to many years of seeing your needs met and your expectations exceeded.

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