The No-News-Good-News Stock Market – And A Baby Update

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In case you haven’t noticed, the stock market continues its march forward and upward. In fact, the DOW has risen from a value of 15,660 back on February 11th of 2016 until now, well over 21,500. I mention that because we were all witness to the worst start to a year in the stock market’s history way back in early 2016. We then made it through BREXIT, the most contentious presidential election in modern history, and now we’re looking back and asking ourselves, “What happened to cause all of that growth?” Or are we?

What I find fascinating about people and the markets is this: when the market is up, up, up, very few people stop to ask why. It’s almost as if we believe that talking about it too much may cause it to stop. Conversely, when the market inevitably drops, it’s “Why? What’s going on? What should we do?” It’s what happens to the best of us, it’s all of us.

I share this observation because right now, things are good. Retirement nest eggs are growing, retirees are able to live off a smaller percentage of their portfolio each year, and these factors add to the potential longevity of a retiree’s money. These are great things! I simply want to remind us that no trend lasts forever (up or down) and nobody is immune to the eventual downturns in the market. I’d like to simply remind us to have perspective.

Perspective sounds like this: “I know times are tough right now (February, 2016), but we’re committed to investing over the long-term.” It should also sound like this: “I know things are going well right now, but we’re committed to spending wisely, managing debts, and remaining committed to investing over the long-term.”

Just as summer comes each year, so does winter. Best to be prepared for each season before we find ourselves having to ask difficult questions.

Baby Update!

You may have heard that Carie and I are expecting another daughter to arrive soon. Well, we were just told that the doctors have scheduled a C-section for August 17th. The baby appears to be developing well, and Carie is doing as well as a 40 year-old expectant Mom can be expected to do. She’s tired and generally uncomfortable, yet remains focused on the finish line that’s (sort of) quickly approaching.

Thanks for all of the prayers and well-wishes you’ve sent us. We truly appreciate your kindness. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you once Cufr girl six makes her appearance!


All the best,

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