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Has Spring Finally Sprung?! Spring Cleaning, Anyone?

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Before we get started, I wanted to share a fun announcement with you:

Over the years, our very own Dave Bensch has performed with multiple Community Theatres in the area. Some of you’ve asked about his next show and we wanted to provide the details in case you wanted an excuse for a night out on the town.

Dave will be performing the musical comedy “Don’t Hug Me…We’re Married” at the Oregon Community Theatre. He is very fortunate to be in this cast with his wife, Mackenzie!

The show dates are April 20, 21, 27 & 28 starting at 8:00 pm and one matinee on Sunday, April 22 starting at 3:00 pm. Tickets will be available at the theatre (Fassett Auditorium, 3025 Starr Ave, Oregon, OH 43616). For more information about the show or theatre, please visit

Okay, Dave laughs at me because I can’t resist writing a ‘spring is here’ type article every year. It’s just so exciting for me; spring is by far my favorite season. Everything is new again, fresh, bright, ripe with the hope of new adventures. I’m a sucker for spring. If you share even a fraction of my spring enthusiasm, you may also feel that deep-down desire to get things cleaned up and sorted after a long and messy winter. If you feel that, I’d like to offer a somewhat random list of to-do items that may allow you to harness that spring feeling while creating some lasting impact.

Adam’s Spring To-Do Suggestion List:

  • Clean your car(s) really well. I’m not talking about just a trip to the drive-through automatic car wash, but rather a deep clean (also called a detail), by cleaning everything from the carpets to the inner fenders to the engine bay. Finish with a coat of wax, and I think you’ll feel better about your car, your life, and yourself. If you’d like to get a video tutorial from my favorite car detailing guru, check out this link.
  • Wash your home’s windows. What better way to improve your sunny-again view than with crystal clear windows? I’ve discovered this approach (click here). It’s fast, doesn’t require you to get on a ladder and looks pretty good. I also scrub with a brush after applying the soap, but that’s optional for clean freaks like me. WINDEX Hose
  • Go paperless. I’m a huge fan of ridding one’s physical environment of already-processed paperwork, sales brochures, receipts and more. We bought this scannerfor our home and it makes quick work of whatever we feed into it. Subscribe to a storage service like DropBox and you’ll wonder how you survived living among such paper clutter.
  • Clean out the corners. Maybe you’re not like us, trying to manage the clutter that six kids will inevitably invite into your home, but I’ll bet you have some piles of stuff that could benefit from your attention. At our house, those piles magically grow in the corners of rooms and will somehow multiply if not dealt with swiftly and purposefully. Use spring as an excuse to reclaim those corners. I suggest starting in one room and finishing it completely before tackling the next. It’s not always fun, but it feels good when it’s over.
  • Go for a walk. Find an excuse to walk somewhere, anywhere. I trained myself to walk the six-tenths of a mile each way to the YMCA every morning. Maybe you can walk to the bank to close out that old checking account you no longer use. Walk to a park, a friend’s house, just pick a place and walk there. Then do whatever it takes to not stop walking regularly, even on some cold days. Pretend you’re part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and explore something in your local world while also improving your health.
  • Consolidate like-kind investment accounts or review your 401(k) to ensure the investments still meet your needs. Oftentimes, we’ll get so busy with life that these things become forgotten in the background. Some tidying up in these areas can begin a financial cleansing that can have a lasting impact on your net worth.
  • Go full-tilt and rent a dumpster. Admittedly, one of my favorite articles is this one here. Check it out and get to work on lightening your load. It can feel really good.
  • What would you add to this list? 

And if you choose to do none of these things, that’s okay too. You may already feel great and content with what you have and where you stand. In that case, consider lying down in the grass like a kid and soaking in the wonder of a new spring and the end to another cold winter.

All the best,

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