What Does Retirement Mean To You?

In Articles, July 2015 by Adam Cufr

Some of our favorite Stewards, Tom and Karen, made the decision to create their own blueprint for what retirement looks like. With children living both here in Ohio and in Texas, they faced a common retirement dilemma: how do we devote time to both kids while staying flexible for plenty of travel for ourselves?

What you see pictured is their new home. No, it’s not their travel trailer, it’s their home. They sold their gorgeous condo and have now moved into their new home, one with more wheels than their last.

Tom and Karen did not enter into this new lifestyle lightly. They took classes and experimented with the lifestyle for months, living in a smaller trial trailer each weekend while Tom worked his automotive engineering career Monday through Friday.

If you’ve ever seriously considered something similar and you’d like to hear how Tom and Karen did it, let us know. We’d love to host a session taught by them, if there’s interest.

With that, I ask you to consider: What does retirement mean to you?