April 2014: Welcome Letter

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Welcome to the April Edition of The Ultimate Guide For the Successful Steward, Fourth Dimension Financial Group’s newsletter.

Prepare for spring and the first digital Steward!

Now that the snow has finally melted, we’re reminded that no season lasts forever. As you’ll see in this issue, it’s a new season for all of us as we enter the digital age of the Steward. Why are we doing it? Because this format allows us to add new features not possible in the print version. Features that help you better understand the core principles we’re sharing with you. For example, you’ll see video, links to timely articles, and much more.

As we make this transition let’s be clear on one thing – I LOVE the print version. There is nothing like the tactile experience of holding the newsletter in your hand, flipping its pages, and being able to set it down for a moment while you top off your coffee before sitting back in your favorite chair. That’s why we plan to keep the print version coming to you each quarter. While we think that you will gain a lot more from the digital version, we’re not quite ready to let go of what is great about the print experience. Read on for more information.

As I reflect on the continual changes in the world, let’s talk about what’s going on around us. Russia threatens to test the other world powers with its land-grab of Crimea, an airliner has seemingly disappeared from the sky, carmakers grapple with debilitating recalls of flawed cars, and yet the stock market marches on. By this time, we all realize that big swings in the market are the new normal, but can we assume that all is well in the financial world?

Before I answer that, let me say that one of the pleasures of working with people who are nearing or in-retirement is experiencing the wisdom you have gained over decades of adulthood. Decades of economic crises, global conflicts, family challenges, and shifts in community sentiment have trained you to see the seasons for what they are: seasons that come and go. I guess the answer is wrapped up in there somewhere. Good times usually follow challenging times and challenging times seem to follow good ones. Trying to reorder the seasons on our own is folly, patience and persistence allow for progress and prosperity, albeit sometimes interrupted. Can we assume that all is well in the financial world? For a short time, probably. But will the seasons eventually change? They probably will.

As we dig deeper into the content this month, we will touch on some topics that should look familiar but warrant a second, third, or sixth look. For example, we lay the groundwork in Back to the Basics by asking the question: “Why have a plan at all?” In the Briefcase Study, we’ll chronicle one couple’s transition from paid work into retirement. Their experience may be helpful to others. We also review the Social Security claiming decision that Will and Dave touched on last month.

Which reminds me…I have to thank Will and Dave for their special edition of the Steward last month. When they took over, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but all said and done we received fantastic feedback from a number of you, making me wonder if they should write the newsletter every month 😉

As I bring this to a close, I truly hope you enjoy the new digital Steward. Please, as always let us hear your questions and feedback as we help you consider how you (and your friends) can achieve your goals.

To your success,

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Adam Cufr, RICP®

Carrie Cufr

Carie and our oldest daughter, Anna, at The St Louis City Museum during a recent mini vacation

P.S. I know this may be a little unrelated, but I wanted to share some fun news with you concerning my lovely wife, Carie. She was recently selected to become commissioned as an officer in the Ohio Air National Guard. After 19 years of service in the guard, she decided that if she was going to continue her service, she might as well be in charge. They agreed.

What’s the scary part? Carie will attend a two-month officer training program in Alabama later in the year. No, it’s not scary for her…it’s scary for me. I’ll be leading the “Pink Parade” without Carie and that terrifies me. How are we preparing for this? Carie is training for the Toledo Glass City Marathon. That means I’m in charge for three hours at a time, while she completes her training runs. Long strides for Carie, baby steps for me. This should be interesting.