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In February 2014, Steward Articles by Adam Cufr

Be InstrumentalChanging the World One Note at a Time

Those who attended our recent event at the Clazel were introduced to an organization with a unique and inspiring mission. BeInstrumental, a non-profit charitable organization started right here in the Toledo area, strives to give every child the opportunity for a musical education. Through classroom education, mentoring by area musicians, and a musical instrument loan program, BeInstrumental provides powerful tools for those who are feeling the effects of the decline of arts funding in their school and community. The void that remains in the kids’ lives, without a focused and strategic effort, is left to be filled by any number of less positive influences.

I am not shy about sharing the profound impact that music has had on my life. Having had the opportunity to perform all over the world has shaped me in ways that would have left me unrecognizable had I never had the chance. By introducing you to BeInstrumental, I hope to ignite an interest in you to help their cause and forward their mission.

BeInstrumental is a small organization making a big impact right here in your community. If you or a family member has been touched by the power of music, will you please take just a few minutes to learn more about BeInstrumental? Simply go to their website at and learn more. Consider how your many personal gifts and talents may change the life of a child who may not have the tools to express the music that’s in them. Just $25 can provide weekly music lessons to a student for an entire month. For more information on how you may help in any number of ways, please call Carol McElfresh at
(419) 297-6971.

Thank you.