Financial Planner 43551

Financial Planner 43551

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Experts suggest that one Google oneself from time-to-time in order to ensure the information that’s ‘out there’ is accurate. And because most people who might contact us for planning services are very likely to do some research on us first, I do what I can to look our best. In fact, you might try it for yourself; what you find can be eye-opening.

financial planner 43551

Financial planner 43551

Financial Planner 43551

When I’m doing this, I’ll also search for some keywords like ‘financial planner 43551’, ‘financial advisor’, and ‘retirement planning’ because these are the terms that are most likely to lead aspiring retirees to our website. When I did this exercise recently I was reminded of something that is very easy for me to forget. If I were a 60-year-old who’s looking for a retirement planner to work with, I’d be very frustrated by the search process. With so many Google search results, industry terms, advisor qualifications and designations, planning models, and guys and gals in suits smiling into a camera, how on earth would I decide where to start my journey? I’d be absolutely overwhelmed.

This process lead me to wonder, what do you think about it all? Specifically, if you were in my shoes, what would you do to help people learn that Fourth Dimension may be a compelling option for retirement planning advice and services? If I hired you as Fourth Dimension’s marketing guru, what message would you communicate and how would you get the word out? Would it be different than what we’re doing currently?

See, Dave, Steve, Andrew and I talk often about the ‘curse of knowledge’. It’s that funny thing that happens when you’ve been working so long in a particular discipline that you forget how little most ‘normal’ people know about what you actually do. As a result, it becomes very easy to use industry jargon, complicated concepts, and simply confuse people so that they choose to avoid the topic altogether. I hope we don’t do that to you, but I’ll bet we’re not guilt-free in this either.

So, in your new role as Fourth Dimension’s Marketing and Communications Director, what suggestions do you have for usHow can we make it as easy as possible to reach and really connect with the people who would benefit most from the work that you now know that we do? Any thoughts? Anything?

I hope you know how grateful I am for the feedback you provide through these Weekly Newsletters; this week would be no different. Thanks, in advance, for your thoughtful responses.

All the best,
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Financial Planner 43551