Is your Estate Plan Right? Get a Free Review

In August 2018, Estate Planning, Steward Articles by Richard Chamberlain

Over the years, I’ve written articles for The Steward teaching you about different concepts, tools and techniques for effective estate planning. Helping the clients we serve obtain the peace of mind they need is my passion, and educational articles are a way to help people understand the issues and opportunities before them. Unfortunately, more head knowledge doesn’t provide the peace of mind that you deserve; it’s action that’s required. On this occasion, I’ll make it a little easier for you to do just that, to take action that will have lasting impact.

If you’ve put off formally planning your estate, you’re not alone. It’s sometimes normal to procrastinate, but all too often we see families pay for that procrastination in unfortunate ways. Here are some examples:

  • Paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary estate administration fees.
  • After one spouse dies, the surviving spouse sometimes remarries and assets subsequently pass to the new spouse rather than to the couple’s children.
  • Families torn apart by fighting over money.
  • Children losing their inheritance in a divorce, lawsuit, business failure, bankruptcy, or sometimes because of their own financial immaturity or inexperience.
  • Nursing home cost depleting an estate.

These are just a few of the many examples that exist. My point here is this: we don’t want these things to happen to you or your family. You need to make sure that your estate planning is set up correctly in order to prevent these unfortunate outcomes from wreaking havoc on your family.

So here’s the easy way for you to
take action:

Because of your relationship with Fourth Dimension, I will, without any fee or obligation, review your existing planning documents and your current needs and goals, and make recommendations to you for any changes that are needed to accomplish all of your objectives. You won’t even have to meet with me for the review. If your planning needs to be updated or if additional planning is needed, and if you choose to have me do that work, I will discuss any fees for that work with you in advance. Almost all of our estate planning work is done on a fixed-fee basis, so you would know exactly what any fees would be in advance of any work being done for you.

To take advantage of this offer, you can either contact Fourth Dimension or email me at and ask for the Free Estate Plan Review.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your estate plan has been set up to address your needs and meet your goals, and that everything will be handled appropriately and efficiently when the time comes. I hope that you’ll take advantage of this Estate Plan Review so that you can make sure your estate plan is right for you.