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Issue 52

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For those of you who are counting (I’m pretty sure it’s none of you), this issue of the Fourth Dimension Weekly Newsletter is number 52! That’s right, we’ve been faithfully delivering this newsletter to you each week for an entire year.

Personally, I’m generally awful at taking the time to celebrate milestones, but I hope you’ll allow me to reflect for a moment on where the last year’s events have taken us, as reflected in my musings in the Weekly.

Over the last year, we’ve discussed how ‘Warren Buffett Suggests You NOT Invest Like He Does,’ ‘Investing Options In A Falling Market’, how a person’s financial decision-making ability peaks at age 53, the very first weekly article, ‘Who Is Really Winning At Retirement?,’ and even a closer look at what I do all day! (click where highlighted to see that article)

In an attempt to leave no stone unturned, the Weekly has been and will remain a line of communication that is diverse in its content, yet consistent in its delivery. Interestingly, by reaching out to you each and every week, this medium has allowed for some great feedback from many of you. At times, the content of the article is exactly what you need to prompt a specific planning question, while at other times it’s an opportunity for you to tell me exactly how you feel. In fact, the article mentioned above, about decision-making after age 53, inspired some…eh-hem…interesting responses; I’m just the messenger!.

Whatever the topic, I’ve enjoyed communicating with you very directly, at a pace of content that’s very digestible, without having to interrupt you during your workday or at naptime with an unsolicited phone call. (Of course, you’re welcome to call us or schedule a time for us to call you.)

As you consider what’s most important to you, will you hit reply to this message and let me know what topics you’d like to discuss? What planning areas are you most concerned with, and what steps would you like to take to feel even better about your retirement? An article-per-week pace is such that new ideas are always welcomed. After all, the Weekly is all about you.

So, 52 down, many more to go. I sincerely thank you for choosing to invest your time in reading the Weekly. It’s a labor of love for me to write, so I hope you find it valuable in some way. Thanks for your trust and for your attention.

One last thing…if you think a friend or co-worker could benefit from either receiving this newsletter or attending one of our upcoming Retirement Elevated classes at BGSU at Levis Commons, will you connect them with us? An introduction is the greatest compliment you can give us, and it may be a timely gift to the person who is seeking retirement planning advice. Thanks!

All the best,

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Adam Cufr, RICP®