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October 2014: Back to the Basics

In Back to the Basics, Income Planning, October 2014 by Adam Cufr

Back to the Basics – Living Fully

The most basic objective of retirement planning is to have a successful retirement, right?
So what is a successful retirement anyway? What does that even look like?

A common myth we see here in the retirement planning industry is that retirement is a finish line. You know, as in: you’re done. Clearly that’s not the case. For a moment, then, please do yourself a favor: take a deep breath and reflect on what you’ve done, who you’ve become, and what you’re most thankful for. Take stock in all that you’ve accomplished. It’s okay, you’re worth it.

I think it’s worth pointing out that throughout most of human history, people have not had the ability to accumulate wealth and spend decades enjoying the fruits of their labor without having to labor any longer. Retirement, as we know it, is a relatively new idea. Have you ever considered that?

Ask yourself this question: What will you do or have you been doing with the 2,500 hours freed-up each year, once occupied by paid work or taking care of your family? How do you plan your time when nobody is planning it for you? What have you always dreamt of doing now that it is within reach?

It doesn’t get more basic than this. For even just a moment consider the true objective of all of this planning: To achieve enough, live fully, and help others do the same.