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Practical Actions We’re Taking

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In light of this unprecedented era of disease prevention, we’re all learning the rules of the game together. The closing of restaurants and schools, as well as the shutting down of large public gatherings are designed to ‘flatten the curve’ of the viral nature of COVID-19. And whether or not any of us think the disease warrants the urgency of the actions being taken doesn’t really matter. These are the rules of the game now and we’re all in this together. In light of this, here’s what we’re doing to continue to serve you safely:

We’re offering the opportunity to hold meetings virtually. If you have a scheduled meeting with us or would like to schedule a time to talk about your planning, let’s consider doing so using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom,, or the good old-fashioned telephone. We already work virtually with families that are located around the country and some have admitted that they prefer this method. One person said, “Your coffee is fine and all, but we love not having to drive into your office!” If you’d like to step into the future with us, here’s our chance.

We will have very limited in-office hours but will remain available for your needs. Our phone system forwards calls to our mobile phones at home, our servers are available to us at all times, and our team is in consistent contact with one another regarding your plans and accounts. Because of this, we’ll likely be working from home most of the time until the coast is clear. If you need to deliver something to us by hand, simply email or call in advance and we’ll arrange a time to meet you.

I don’t have to tell you that these are unique times; you’re well aware. We think this presents an interesting opportunity to expand the ways in which we communicate and work together. The markets will recover eventually and we’ll get back to some version of business-as-usual. We just want to ensure that each of us makes it through this time in a healthy manner. Thanks for your patience and continued trust.

All the best,

Adam Cufr, RICP®