Should You be Scared Too?

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A Free 60 Minute Discovery Session Could Change Your Entire Outlook on Retirement in Ways You Wouldn’t Expect.

A recent study revealed that 43% of retirees will run out of money before they die.* Across the board, even in the highest income brackets, people are starting to get scared about retirement, and rightfully so.

On one hand, retirement is all about enjoying life, and living fully. On the other hand, it’s important to cautiously protect your lifestyle, ensuring that the things you worked so hard to create will continue for many years to come.

Is it possible to live fully during retirement, without worry of outliving your retirement savings?

That’s the question we’ll tackle head-on, in a Free 60-Minute Discovery Session.
As we go through the session, you will discover:

  • The exact questions you should be asking yourself to ensure that your retirement will offer you the joys and opportunities that you’ve always dreamed of
  • Why even the most affluent are beginning to regret many of their financial decisions
  • Why the government is trying to force advisors to reveal their fees and why most advisors are terrified of what is to come
  • What Hurricane Ike survivors learned that their neighbors did not, and how it may alter your retirement planning
  • The seemingly countless retirement options to consider and what you can do to make sense of it all

If you are serious about getting crystal-clear answers, you owe it to yourself to attend a Free 60-Minute Discovery Session. We’ll show you the tools, strategies, and methods necessary for building a detailed blueprint to allow you to balance both financial and lifestyle goals alike.

Still have concerns? Don’t worry. While there may be a few others in attendance at your Discovery Session, there will be no sharing of financial or personal information. This is not a sales event; you’re not going to be asked to buy anything. Unlike other “free” events, there’s no steak dinner to obligate you to act.

What will your retirement look like? Will you run out of money or will you be one of the truly prepared?

Don’t take the risk. RESERVE YOUR SEAT

or call: (419) 931-0704

Discovery Sessions are the very best way to engage with Fourth Dimension for the first time, or to determine if having a Financial Blueprint built for you is the key to getting your retirement planning in order. Here is a summary of what you or your guests can expect. Upcoming sessions are: Tuesday, April 21st at 5:30 P.M. Thursday, May 7th at 5:30 P.M. Thursday a5/21 at 5:30 P.M.


Adam Cufr, RICP® (Retirement Income Certified Professional®) is a financial advisor and founding principal of Fourth Dimension Financial Group, LLC providing personal finance and retirement planning services. Adam is a Columnist for Retirement Advisor Magazine. He is also a sought-after media commentator and thought leader. Adam was named one of The 20 Most Creative People In Insurance in 2015 and is a columnist for Retirement Advisor Magazine and the author of Off the Record – Secrets to Building a Successful Retirement and a Lasting Legacy.

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