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In their special edition last month, Dave and Will included an offer to help you analyze your Social Security choices. Since then, the topic of Social Security has come up a number of times and we’ve helped a number of you consider your situation. Here is a recap of the offer that I encourage you to consider if you’re nearing Social Security age.
– Adam

The Powerful Formula behind Our Social Security Analyzer could put Tens of Thousands of Dollars back in your pocket!

We want to help each of you individually make the right Social Security decision for you.

Social Security AnalysisIt’s called “The Social Security Analyzer.”

It’s a super cool tool that analyzes your personal financial situation to help you arrive at the ideal age for you personally to take Social Security.

Every situation is different, that’s why a tool like this an amazing opportunity to decide what exactly is right for you!

Cool, I’m very interested: How can I get my own personal analysis?

We decided to package this up in a special offer… WE TALKED ADAM INTO PRACTICALLY GIVING AWAY THIS PACKAGE AT ONLY $97!
(Truth be told, he was easy to convince… he loves helping you find the clarity you deserve!)

So, if you take this incredible offer, what exactly do you get?

For only $97, you’ll get a one hour meeting with Adam Cufr to go over the following:

  • He will tell you the ideal age to claim Social Security (If you are married, he’ll calculate the best time for your spouse to claim too!)
  • He will help bring incredible clarity to your Social Security decision. (Let’s get rid of the worry, okay?)
  • He’ll provide a personal take home packet with your own Social Security Analyzer copy, and an additional free report, titled: The Social Security Claiming Guide.
  • You get the opportunity to potentially save/benefit tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime by making wise Social Security choices.
  • You’ll leave with genuine peace of mind about your Social Security decision

To sign up please call our office at (419) 931-0704 and mention the “Social Security Analysis.”


Adam Cufr, RICP® (Retirement Income Certified Professional®) is a financial advisor and founding principal of Fourth Dimension Financial Group, LLC providing personal finance and retirement planning services. Adam is a Columnist for Retirement Advisor Magazine. He is also a sought-after media commentator and thought leader. Adam was named one of The 20 Most Creative People In Insurance in 2015 and is a columnist for Retirement Advisor Magazine and the author of Off the Record – Secrets to Building a Successful Retirement and a Lasting Legacy.

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