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Sum It Up In Just A Few Words

In Estate Planning, Income Planning, Investment Management, Long Term Care, Retirement Thinking, Social Security, Tax Planning, The Insider by Adam Cufr

Sometimes we overcomplicate things. And by ‘we’ I mean ME. Here’s an example. When we redesigned our website a couple of years ago, I thought it turned out really well. With lots of neat things to read and places to click, I thought we’d given readers of the site plenty to do to help them understand if we’re a good fit for their retirement planning needs. And that’s true. But when a really smart storyteller asked me to sum up in just one sentence what it is that we do, I struggled to do it. Why? Because it’s really hard to commit your life’s work to a single sentence. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

After much painful deliberation and frustration, it finally became clear. Over the years of doing the work of retirement planning…

We’ve helped many people retire earlier, and with more income, than they thought possible.

That’s it. Sure, we help people answer the questions: Do we have enough to retire? What will happen if the markets drop, or grow, or if we need a nursing home, or taxes go up, or interest rates go up, or we move to another state, or buy an RV to travel the country? This is all part of it, but in a single sentence, we help people retire, often earlier than they thought, with more spendable income than they thought, and with more peace than they thought possible.

So if you’re out to dinner with friends and they’re looking to learn what their retirement options may be, consider that we’ve helped many people retire earlier, and with more income, than they thought possible. Maybe we can help them too.

It turns out that it’s easy to use a lot of words but quite challenging to rest on just a few.

All the best,

Adam Cufr, RICP®