Team Member Spotlight: Dave Bensch

In May 2014, Steward Articles by Adam Cufr

Dave Bensch

Dave Bensch

It’s happened several times now … Long time clients find out about Dave and his story and they are stunned. Why has it taken so long to learn his past?

Well, it could be because he’s so humble, it could be because you never asked, or maybe I’ve neglected to share it. Either way, if you’ve known Dave for quite a while, there are some things you need to know.

Yup, it’s time to put it all out on the table. Dave has some special skills and an amazing story that we never got around to mentioning to you.

Did you know that Dave:

  • Holds a mathematics degree (with honors)
  • Played college tennis (and was recruited for baseball)
  • Owns Bloom Studio Salon (with his wife)
  • Wrote a book (Keep reading for more on this)
    – and –
  • Has appeared on an ESPN talk show?

Yea, Dave is that guy.

When he graduated from college, Dave and his friend decided to drive across the country to interview the top college basketball coaches they could negotiate a meeting with. They hoped to glean success secrets from the coaches who had proven themselves to be the very best in their chosen field. The result of this adventure was 30,000 miles traveled, 28 coaches interviewed, a feature on ESPN, and a book titled: Destination Basketball.

According to Dave, the crowning achievement of this endeavor was a private interview with the great John Wooden, the most successful coach in NCAA Basketball history, at Coach Wooden’s home in California. What is almost as impressive to me is the fact that Dave did all of this almost immediately after marrying his wife, with her consent.

What’s cool is that all this stuff is not stuck in the past. These days, you still will regularly find Dave spending time with the top leaders in our community. Dave’s ability to ask great questions and desire to continually develop his own leadership skills inspire him to learn from the greats among us. He is highly involved in all kinds of community activities (and of course working at Fourth Dimension) yet he still finds the time to teach financial classes at his church. For years, he has been teaching budgeting skills, goal-setting, and personal financial management.

Yea, Dave is that guy.

Dave often stays in the background here at Fourth Dimension (and plays an absolutely vital role). But his talents are no longer hidden, his amazing accolades are now public.

Stay tuned because we are currently working on some really cool ways to leverage Dave’s amazing background and skillset to provide education sessions designed for the next generation, your children and others who still have decades to go before they’re planning their exit from the workforce. It is an underserved generation and we plan to do our part to change that. We’re still working out some details, but no matter how challenging it may be, I assure you that Dave is up to the task.