Unfinished Business?

In Estate Planning, The Insider by Adam Cufr

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve chatted, you and me. In that time, I’ve developed a renewed interest in long walks in the evening, discovered Caramel Coconut Oreos, and we got a puppy. Some decisions have been made under duress and will certainly be regretted later; others have been absolutely life-enhancing (the Oreos). The stock market has toyed with our collective emotions and the government has chosen to send some form of check to almost every household in America. How do we even begin to make sense of what’s happening right now?

If you’re in your pajamas right now, congratulations; you’re doing what the adults are begging you to do. Staying home and doing almost nothing productive is now considered lifesaving, and yet we’re all very uneasy with this. It’s just too weird. Well, I don’t know what to say that will provide you any more comfort than jammies and Oreos will, so I’ll just come out and tell you what’s on my mind today. Estate planning.

Before you tune me out, I’m not going to use this health scare as a lever to drum up business for an attorney. No, I’m going to use the time lever instead. As in, if you’ve been putting off getting your will, trust, or health directives in order, isn’t this the perfect time to do just that? You’ve finished surfing the entire internet by now, Netflix can’t make any more shows for you to binge, and you can’t clean the kitchen up again because you’ll find those ridiculous Oreos in there! Instead, fire up that webcam or smartphone and talk to an attorney while he’s in his jammies too!

If you’re willing to take me up on this challenge to finally get your legal house in order, consider arranging a Zoom meeting with your attorney. And if you don’t have one, I’ll unabashedly recommend Richard Chamberlain. He and I had a Zoom chat this morning and he had no idea the Caramel Coconut Oreos were just off-camera. I know my planning is done and if the Oreos and puppy hair overcome my body’s defenses, my family will be okay. When I take my long walk in the dark tonight, I’ll know that I have a funded trust, life insurance, health directives, and a business succession plan in place. All joking aside, that brings me incredible comfort during these times of insanity we’re living in.

So, have some time on your hands? Email richard@chamberlain-law.net and get a call or Zoom chat scheduled. If you have an attorney already, contact him or her. If you have any questions, you can email, call, or Zoom me too. I’m here for you and want you to feel as prepared for the future as possible. And if you do contact an attorney as I’m suggesting, please let me know and I will literally have a pack of Caramel Coconut Oreos shipped to your house. Don’t believe me? Try it and see what happens. It’s THAT important.

All the best,

Adam Cufr, RICP®